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About Us

Exquisite means to be extremely beautiful, elegant and rare. It is understood that everyone does not always feel or look their very best. It can sometimes be hard to do when dealing with life’s challenges. The saying can be true that if you don’t look good you don’t feel good. If you are dealing with skin conditions, have sparse or short eyelashes, and hair in unwanted places come see us. Esquisite Eyez is licensed and certified to treat any of these issues. Esquisite Eyez has a passion for making people feel and look good. Our goal is that you leave feeling more beautiful/handsome than you came. We specialize in lash enhancements and skin care that allows your elegant and rare beauty to shine through. Dare to be Different… Be Esquisite. Because we care for you and the environment, we use products with all-natural ingredients at our spa.

Lash Queen Meshell

It all started in 2015 when Dimicia “Meshella” Battle decided she wanted a career change. Meshell spent over 20 years working in Corporate America with 6 being in management. While working, she also attended college and received her degree in Business Management. For a very long time, Meshell desired to be her own boss and open a business. In 2015, Meshell decided that she no longer wanted to work for her employers, she wanted to start a business. Meshell felt that it was time she stopped helping others build their dreams but to start building her own.


In October of 2015, Meshell decided to take the first step towards her business ventures. She attended a lash training class that would set her on the path to becoming a business owner. In 2017, Dimicia “Meshell” Battle attended and finished Esthetics school where she earned her title as a Licensed Esthetician. This is where Meshell found her new love in skin care.

In September 2017, Meshell’s dreams became a reality. She opened her spa named Esquisite Eyez. Meshell worked very hard to grow her business. She feels excellent customer service is the key to keeping her clients happy. Her excellent work stands out from the competition in the Douglasville and surrounding communities.

Meshell has earned the rights to be titled Douglasville’s Lash Queen. The spa is located on the corner of Hwy 5 and Douglas Blvd in Douglasville, GA. Services provided are for teens to adults of all ages. 

If you are in the Douglasville area, stop by to see THE LASH QUEEN! 

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